VOCA Victims Services Grant Program

Grant Program Name:Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)
Victims Services Grant Program
Source of Funds:Federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Funds
Amount Available:Funding amounts vary depending on annual federal appropriation levels. See grant application guidelines for details.
Purpose of Funds:

The primary purpose of VOCA funding is to support the delivery of direct services to victims of crime.

Grants Awarded Date:VOCA Victims Services Grant Program funding is awarded on a state fiscal year cycle.
Eligibility Requirements:The VOCA Victims Services Grant Program can support local, regional, and statewide programs that provide direct services to victims of crime. See the grant application guidelines for specific eligibility requirements.
Match Requirements:The Federal VOCA Final Rule requires a cash and/or in-kind match. See the grant application guidelines for details.
Special Conditions:

The general award terms and conditions provided below are applicable to all VOCA sub-recipients.  The award conditions are based on Federal/state statutes, grant program guidelines and DCJS policy and should be reviewed by program and financial staff as appropriate. Sub-recipients are responsible for understanding and complying with all of the legal, financial, and administrative requirements as outlined in the grant award package.  By accepting the award, the sub-recipient agrees to comply with all statutory requirements and programmatic guidelines.  Project specific terms and conditions might be added to an award to address issues specific to that individual award.  For more information on the award conditions for VOCA funded grant programs, please click the grant program below. 
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Grant Application Resources:

VSGP Webinar - Overview of Guidelines & Process
VSGP Webinar - SADVGP Application Process
VSGP Webinar - Housing, Telenursing, FNE/SANE
VOCA Allowable & Unallowable Costs
Grant Application FAQ (updated 2/26/19)
Victims Services News: Special VOCA VSGP Edition 
VOCA School-Based Webinar: Overview of Guidelines and Process


Federal Financial Management and VOCA Resources:

VSGP Orientation PowerPoint
VSGP Quarterly Narrative Report
Victims of Crime Act Final Rule
Department of Justice Grants Financial Guide
VSGP Orientation PowerPoint
VSGP Quarterly Narrative Report

Contact Information:

Grant Coordinator(s)

Andi Martin
(804) 371-0534

Grant Monitor(s)

Amia Barrows
(804) 225-4060
Dione Bassett
(804) 371-2419
Andrew Kinch
Chrissy Smith
(804) 371-2638
Tierra Smith
(804) 786-1165
Christine Wengloski
(804) 309-3874

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1100 Bank Street
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Phone: 804.786.4000
Fax: 804.786.7231